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  • How much is it?

$50 per person, $40 for 12 and under

  • How long is the trip?

30 minute trips, going out daily

  • What does it include?

Scenic tour of the back bays of Atlantic City. It's a high speed thrill ride with a few spins and splashes.

  • Will I get wet?

Yes you will!

  • How many people does the boat hold?

It holds 10 people, possibly 11 depending on weight.

  • Are there group rates?

Yes, for groups of 7 or more we offer $10 off per person.

  • Is their a weight or height requirement?

Possible height requirement

  • Can I take pictures?

We offer a GoPro package for you so you can just enjoy the ride!

  • Are their life jackets provided?

Yes, Upon request they are available.

  • Are there seat belts?

No, but there are bars in front of each row of seats

  • Is there a cancellation policy?

No cancellations are allowed, you will not be refunded if you do not show up for your trip.

  • Can I ride if I'm pregnant?

Unfortunately, our insurance company excludes women who are pregnant from riding the jet boat. Please feel free to come back and fly with us at a later date.

  • If I have suffered any back or neck injuries, can I go on the Jet Boat?

Bear in mind that the boat ride can be bumpy and includes our famous Wild Thing spins, so if you have suffered any former back or neck injuries, unfortunately we cannot recommend this form of entertainment.

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